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Princess Wedding Dresses animated short

Four funerals and 8eze a wedding "Four funerals and a wedding"Is an episode of the itchy scratchy show.It won the award for outstanding Princess Wedding Dresses animated short at the Mother of the Bride Dresses springfield film festival.It is also one of the few itchy scratchy cartoons where itchy dies(Albeit of natural causes). Plot edit Scratchy is getting married.During the ceremony, itchy replaces the cat bride with one made entirely of explosives and lights the fuses.Scratchy kisses his new bride and feeds her wedding cake at the reception, while the fuses keep burning.The scene shifts to years in the future.Scratchy is sitting on the sofa next to his wife(With her fuses still burning)While their two children, also made entirely of explosives and with burning fuses, play on the floor in front of them.The scene shifts again, to further in the future.Scratchy and his wife are now old and sitting in rocking chairs on the porch of a rest home, and her fuses are still burning.Scratchy's wife finally explodes, taking old scratchy with her.Old itchy runs into the scene and points and laughs at scratchy's burnt remains.Itchy then dies of a heart attack.