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Get ready for the Bridesmaid prom "It gets real busy around here the second half of march,"Said sophia lignos, a hair stylist from the metal edge in the pompton lakes town square on wanaque avenue. "Prom is serious business, so we treat it that way. " "Doing your hair at home is out,"Said amanda vaccaro, another stylist at the metal edge. "That is, if you really want to look great. " "We like to start with a clean slate, but we usually do not like to do a cut that day,"Said lignos. "We tell them to come two weeks before, get their hair cut and styled and discuss their plan for the day of the prom. " Stylist traci caceres, said"Prom saturdays"Are hectic, but she has been dealing with them for over 20 years, the past five as the A line Wedding Dresses owner of the metal edge. "We're very organized,"Said caceres. "We know that the girls and their moms are excited and nervous.They want to look just right. " Caceres said sometimes young women will bring in a picture of a style and expect their hair to look exactly the same, but it doesn't always work that way. "Trust your stylist,"Said caceres. "They know your hair and face shape, and they know how to give a style that's suitable for your face and your dress. "